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About Cocolights

Cocolights make a beautiful and stylish, warm ambience for every occasion, be it at your home or for your next camping-trip, their universal appeal also makes them a wonderful gift-idea.
Everybody who loves candles, will love Cocolights.
Although the designs are consistent, nature makes no identical coconuts, which means each one is unique and slightly different in size, shape and colour.
All Cocolight colour tones are natural, none of the Cocolights are varnished in any way, this also means the colours vary and mix at times. Generally they come in three colours: dark brown (mature coconut), light brown (young coconut) and white (young coconut).
Note: not all designs are available in all colours, please refer to the product page of each design to see which colour(s) they are available in.
Once a coconut is harvested, it will not keep maturing and therefore not change colour anymore, however, their colour-tone may fade slightly over time - this can be helped by using some coconut oil to keep them nice and smooth.
Cocolights are designed to be used with TEALIGHTS. As an alternative, you can carefully drill a hole for an electric light fitting into the base. They are sold for the use with TEALIGHTS, this does NOT include an electric light fitting.
The base is seperate from the coconut, these Tealight-holders consist of two parts.
All Cocolights are unique and handmade, they are NOT laser-cut.
All images on this website have been taken using TEALIGHTS, not electric light. As a background for the projections of these images we used a corner of a white wall.
Do NOT use Cocolights with candles...they are only to be used with TEALIGHTS (or with an electric light fitting and a low wattage bulb) and only supervised. They are designed not to burn if handled correctly with care.
Upcycled Australia is not liable for damage to the coconut or its surroundings.
Enjoy your Cocolight, its projection and glow will add a warm, beautiful ambience to any setting...
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